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National Detective Service

The National Detective Services the best detective service Agency in India. We are offering both personal detective and corporate detective services since 2010. TNDS is accredited and qualified non-public investigation organization. We provide factually accurate and reliable investigation services which includes high profiles cases. With the widest rooted investigation network in India, we are also the Best Indian Detective Agency in Gujarat. We are professional managed organization in the area of investigation, and we are well established in the field, providing adequate service that may me termed to the best or safest and with 100% satisfaction.

TNDS is the One Stop Solution in the region of detective services for corporate detective agency or private detective agency. TNDS does not reveal the identity of our clients as we respect and know the importance of their privacy and secrecy. Maintaining 100% industry ethics and clients confidentially and sanctity the agency has achieved high level of proficiency and have gained large clientele all over country.

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TNDS detectives have a single focus to provide quality investigation, in a timely manner and to equip the client with the information needed to move ahead and make well informed decision.


TNDS strives each day in creating an atmosphere of respect, maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards, being faithful stewards of all that is entrusted to us, assisting our clients in achieving their desired outcomes, and having a positive influence on all of whom come in contact with our firm.


We understand the pain and suffering you have been going through, we make sure to make it a smooth ride for you by being compassionate. We care for our clients and help them in all possible ways. We are empathetic towards sensitive issues and delicate matters of their personal lives. Our company provides solutions to clients honestly, quickly, and cost-effectively.