Sting & Undercover Investigation

Sting & Undercover Investigation

A Sting Operation is a covert type of investigation designed to catch any person engaging in any act of unlawful conduct or illicit and dishonest captivities. This could be an investigation on the people you suspect to be your business rivals or someone with your company itself. Employee theft, corporate espionage, drugs in the workplace, stalking, litigation, and more plague Michigan employers. They can not only hurt your company, but they can also put you out of business. When you need real investigation, call TNDS. As licensed private investigators, we provide a covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or a complex undercover sting operation that will hold up in court.

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With the help of TNDS Detectives, you can attain information about the matter disturbing or hindering your business’ growth. This is one of the most efficient and effective ways to curb out the anti-management activities within your institution. We have a vast and vast experience in deploying agents for undercover operations. We have the most exceptional systems and advancements of making decisions that are professionally executed by us.

The TNDS has includes the below under their Sting & Undercover Investigation:

  • Workplace Crimes
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Property Crimes
  • Drug Use
  • Domestic Investigation
  • Civil Investigation
  • Criminal Investigation

Why Choose TNDS For Sting & Undercover Investigation?

  • Consultation & Analysis Process
  • Experience & Expertise Team
  • Legal & Documentation
  • 100% Transparency, Confidentiality and Honesty
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