Debugging and Sweeping

Debugging and Sweeping

We offer to debug and sweeping services to our clients in the most advanced way. Our expert private investigators provide electronic bug sweeping services, home and office bug sweep, anti wiretapping, etc. We have wide knowledge about the debug process and the entire spectrum of sweeping services. Debugging is a sort of investment to your business and personal purposes as it helps you retain your peace of mind. Due to continue security breaches, it is of former importance to have professional bug sweeps regularly. Our team is professionally trained and so they are expert in finding the hidden cameras.

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The more access you have to valuable information, the more you are on the verge of being picketed. To plant bugs is not necessarily a task to be done by an expert but even an amateur can do it with the same expertise, but to detect them is undoubtedly a matter of expertise. Our team operates with most advanced technologies to find the hidden device.

Our team’s experience covers a range of areas, including:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Asset Misappropriation Investigation
  • Financial Disclosure and Reporting Violation
  • Regulatory Inquiries & Investigation
  • Fraud Awareness Resource

Why Choose TNDS for Debugging and Swepping?

  • Dedicated Finance Detective
  • Legal & Accounts Experts
  • Technology Oriented
  • In Depth Experience Team
  • 100% Transparency, Confidentiality And Honesty
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